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Ransys Partners is dedicated to providing outstanding service to assist our clients' growth in APAC. We believe in learning, transforming and providing value.  

With the support of Technology, high demanding Quality, and self- respective Integrity, we are proud to build a business saying who we are.  Our reputation is based on clients we worked with, friends we assisted, candidates we impacted their lives. We are working to contribute more to people around us.

Our Services


Ransys Partners has been the only

go-to -advisor when it comes to filling challenging roles. And I have never been disappointed…

leading auto retailer in China

Executive Search 

Comprehensive footprints in Asia, our network is mainly but not limited in  Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. Our service focuses on customized solutions, including market mapping, competitor analysis, and headhunting. 

Finance Transformation

We help CFOs assess and balance their priorities and deal with challenges related to growth, profitability, and risk.


Recruitment & Staffing

Based in Hong Kong, our recruitment experience is across various industries. 

We use top-notch technologies for sourcing, experienced consultants conducting interviews.  

Rec to Rec

Growing with Hong Kong market, we slowly get into Rec to Rec business in 2018. Our clients are our business partners. We build the database by inquiries.  

Digital Strategy

Our digital services drive true digital transformation with the power of perspective. We design unique customer experiences, deploy new digital assets and bring together elements of your business

Customer Consulting

We help our clients succeed by transforming customer-led growth, our methodology helps clients solve problems and identify opportunities.


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We are one click away from you now. Please feel free to contact us for a thorough discussion to see if we can assist you further. 

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Unit 1233, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 

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